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What goes into the cuisine of the Herdade do Esporão Restaurant goes in this order: local, regional, national, and whenever possible certified organic. They make their own bread, cure their own meats, make their own preserves. What is not used in a timely manner becomes fermented, dehydrated, or canned, and the leftovers are donated to local institutions or to Refood.

They do not use single-use plastic and encourage suppliers to do the same, through a system of reusing packaging for orders. There is no cling film and they prefer reusable containers to the vacuum machine.

Besides everything that goes on backstage, on the main stage you can enjoy a meal with a view over the vineyards, in a space whose decoration and architecture are marked by local materials, favoring the authenticity of what it is to be in the Alentejo.


Sustainability criteria reported ⬇️

✅Features LED illumination
✅Water-saving system installed
✅They recycle
✅They compost
✅Use eco-friendly detergents
✅They use sustainable and/or recycled furniture and utensils(elements present in the decoration, in the type of construction chosen, in the furniture, etc.)
✅They offer tap water
✅The receipt/invoice printing is optional
✅All employees have an employment contract
✅The leftovers are reused for projects such as Too Good To Go or Phenix(at times close to the closing time of the establishment) or Refood and Utopia Verde
✅They use tableware and utensils (cutlery) produced in Portugal
✅Use cloth napkins
✅The straws are made of stainless steel, bamboo or perishable material (ex. pasta) and only offered after customer’s request.
✅Take-away packaging is made of biodegradable material
✅They do not send unsolicited items(e.g., napkins, chopsticks, sauces)
✅They make the most of ingredients, including animals (bark, branches, bones, bones, bones, and bones to make broth or new dishes)
✅More than 50% of food ingredients are organic
✅More than 50% of the products are national
✅They work with local producers and when these products do not exist locally they seek fair trade(for example: coffee, chocolate, tea, etc.)
✅Weekly, they use traditional cooking techniques, such as fermenting and smoking
✅The packaging and preservation of the food are made with reusable utensils (ex. Tupperware, jars, etc)
✅The menu changes at least every season, made with seasonal products
✅There are at least 3 vegetarian/vegan main course options(balanced options – no mixed salad, for example).
✅There are at least 2 vegetarian/vegan options in the entrees
✅There is at least 1 vegan option for dessert
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Sustainable Development Goals 🍃

Restaurante Herdade do Esporão

This project actively contributes to reduction of waste generation through prevention, reduction, recycling, and reuse. This SDG also aims to reduce global food waste in production and consumption.

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