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5 sustainable and pet-friendly restaurants

Owning a pet is highly rewarding; however, it can be challenging to handle the logistics of bringing them along to different places. That's precisely ..

This activist built a house made of plastic bags

Gary Bencheghib decided to build his own house out of plastic bags collected in ..

5 restaurants for a sustainable brunch

Fruit juices, pancakes, toast and coffee, everything we need to kick off the wee..

Smart Farm Hub. The tool that prepares agriculture for climate change

The project focuses on information and research for more sustainable solutions f..

A Cozinha, in Guimarães, is the first European restaurant certified as zero waste

The restaurant was awarded for its efforts to reduce the waste produced, as well..

Cascais has 140 smart waste bins that run on solar energy

This new equipment has greater compaction and storage capacity, reducing the nee..

Zomato and Peggada launch a sustainable collection. Now it’s easier for you to choose the best restaurant

Do you like eating out and care about the impact of your choice of restaurants o..

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Hosted by
Armazém Integral
Plasticus Maritimus, Uma Espécie Invasora
09 Jun
Plasticus Maritimus, Uma Espécie Invasora
  • 10:00 - Jun 09,2023
  • 18:00 - Jan 07,2024
  • Museu Marítimo..
0 Attendees
Hosted by
Casas do Pátio
Almada Green Market – Setembro
23 Sep
Almada Green Market – Setembro
  • 09:00 - Sep 23,2023
  • 18:00 - Sep 24,2023
  • Alameda do Parq..
0 Attendees
Hosted by
Ecolonco Greenshop
Mercado de Trocas – Torres Novas
24 Sep
Mercado de Trocas – Torres Novas
  • 10h - 13h - Sep 24,2023
  • Praça dos Clar..
0 Attendees