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Terra Nil, the game where you’re responsible for restoring nature to the planet

It was one of the pleasant surprises of 2023 in the world of video games. Instead of creating cities, Terra Nil players are responsible for re-establi..

The confirmation we’ve all been waiting for: Portuguese don’t mind receiving second-hand gifts

There's no longer any excuse not to buy second-hand gifts or to give away what y..

Fossil fuel pollution is found responsible for 5.1 million deaths every year

According to a study published on the British Medical Journal, many of these dea..

An interview with IKEA Portugal’s Sustainability Manager: “We see the planet as everyone’s home”

The motto is sustainability and this theme could be used for various news storie..

Did you know that you can sponsor an olive tree and help restore our natural heritage?

Sponsoring an olive tree is a project in Abrantes that helps fight climate chang..

Falling Fruit. This website tells you where the fruit trees are ÔÇö and Portugal is there

Falling Fruit is a collaborative platform where you can see where food is availa..

A Padaria Portuguesa and Refood fight food waste: “This venture was very natural”

Padaria Portuguesa's Christmas campaign is run in partnership with Refood, with ..

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The most sustainable events ­čî┐
Hosted by
The Green Baby...
Água na agricultura: rumo à eficiência e sustentabilidade
21 Feb
0 Attendees
Hosted by
Casa das Sementes
Produ├ž├úo de Eventos Sustent├íveis
23 Feb
Produ├ž├úo de Eventos Sustent├íveis
  • 9h - Feb 23,2024
  • Instituto Super..
0 Attendees
Hosted by
Feira de Produtos...
Eco Centro Aveiro – Mercado de trocas | Cicloficinas | Upcycling
24 Feb
Eco Centro Aveiro – Mercado de trocas | Cicloficinas | Upcycling
  • 10h30 - 17h - Feb 24,2024
  • Rua das Fonta├ş..
0 Attendees
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