🌾 We choose the bulk storesthat fight the unnecessary purchases and plastics that wrap up our lives.

👕 We choose second-hand clothing stores, whichavoid the temptation to buy cheaper new clothes that our closet doesn’t need. We choose the eco-shops,which sell what will make us spend less — money and planet.

🍴 But as for restaurants,which ones are leaving the right peggada? There are no closed answers or criteria and, in the absence of stamps that show the ecological level of each establishment, we spoke to journalists, producers, chefs and managers to get to the restaurants that we consider to be contributing so that what comes to the dish is tasty but also, fair: for animals, for agriculture and for us, demanding consumers.

🥗 We have vegetarian restaurants, but we do not exclude those that serve meat and fish, as long as they run away from aquaculture and focus on the use of the animal as a whole. We require them to buy local, cook seasonal and ferment and conserve what they can’t use at that moment. And if there are some leftovers, we want to know if they give to those who need or who can enjoy it (through projects such as Refood or Too Good To Go).

🛏️ On the same wave, the hotels that are part of Peggada had to respond to a demanding list of criteria. They are spaces that take the experience of an overnight stay to another level: they serve local, bio and organic at the table, give work to local populations, reuse water and refuse disposables. In addition to those that have passed through the censorship of our green pencil, we also have the eco hotels suggested by Green Stays, a tour operator that organizes sustainable trips.

💻 We extended our world to online by listing all the businesses that come to us without physical space but with a lot to give. Ecological shops, childcare brands, vegetable baskets, clothing made in sustainable ways, or cosmetic production and hygiene products that are biological or natural. We can fit several stuff in this world whose borders are dictated only by the word “sustainability”.

👀we’re not inspectors, but we’re watching. And we’re counting on you to help us with this job. If you go to a restaurant and realize we have a sustainable paradise there, tell us. And if you go to any of the ones we listed and you see cherries in December, tell us too.

Peggada is for everyone.

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