Peggada is a platform that accommodates the image and information about spaces related to sustainability.

The Peggada Platform functions as a digital showcase of existing spaces linked to sustainability and content that is of interest to the Peggada community.

1. Introduction

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2. Content protection

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4. Links to other sites

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5. Access Peggada

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6. Peggada’s Content and Limitation of Liability

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In particular, users are solely responsible for communicating incorrect, false, or third-party information or data without their consent, as well as for the misuse thereof.

The contents of the website may contain inaccuracies or gralhas. Peggada is not responsible for, nor can it be held liable, by any means or mode, for inaccuracies and errors, damages (if any) caused or resulting from the use of information derived from the website or through the website by users. The user is solely and exclusively responsible for the evaluation of information and content obtained through the website.

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7. Access to the Website. Interruption and Suspension

Peggada makes its best efforts to provide continuous access to the website, however, access to the website may be suspended, limited or interrupted at any time regardless of the reason. Access to the website may be limited from time to time to allow the recovery, maintenance or introduction of new features or services.

8. Contact for Clarification of Doubts

Any questions or requests for clarification on clarification of questions related to the use of the site, including these terms and conditions, speak to us. Email